Legacy Seeds Production

Legacy Seed is a subsidiary and out-grower outlet of Legacy Crop Improvement Centre that involves in production and processing hybrid maize certified seeds. Legacy Seed is not marketing outlet of LCIC but only in-charge of production, processing and packaging of certified hybrid maize for companies/persons interested in marketing and distribution high quality certified hybrid seed maize to farmers in Ghana and West Africa.



LEGACY 26 (Yellow Seed Maize)

LEGACY 26 is a locally bred, registered and tropically adapted yellow maize variety, performed well in all agro-ecological zones in Ghana. It has good attributes for both commercial and small-scale grain production.

Zamzam (Cowpea)

It has yield potential of 2.5 ton per hectare and 65 days maturity after sowing. It is well adapted in all agro-ecological zones in Ghana.

Favour (Soybean Seed)

It has yield potential of 3 ton per hectare. It matures in 110 days after sowing. It has resistance to shattering; with only 5% of


It is a single cross hybrid maize/corn with grain yield of 10 tons per hectare. It has 95 maturity days. It is useful for human