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LCIC is a private seed business entity and consulting firm, specialised in the production and marketing of basic and commercial seed maize, soybean and cowpea and vegetables. As a business enterprise, it is set up to contribute to the growth and development of commercial seed sector businesses in Ghana by contributing it quota through the production and marketing of high quality commercial seeds. LCIC now operates on a 200 acres’ farm, fully equipped with irrigation facility for seed production. It also has a 50 tons seed gene bank with cold storage facility which enables the company to store seeds in large quantities for a relatively longer time to avoid seed deterioration.

It is the seed!!!

Legacy Crop's - Focus

The main limiting factor in crop productivity in Ghana and Africa has historically been a failure to provide farmers with high yielding and climate smart varieties, without which little else done to assist them can have much effect. In crop production systems, seed is the upper limit on what farmers can achieve bumper harvest and combat food insecurity.
Throughout history, intensification of local farms and national food supply systems has been catalysed by the introduction and distribution of seed of improved, higher yielding crop varieties. While tradition crop varieties embody a number of traits that allow them to grow reliably under local conditions, they also, with few exceptions, embody very low yield potential.

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