Headquatered in the Eastern Region

LCIC is headquartered in Legacy Square, Otareso. Legacy Square is one-stop for all seed processing and related activities. The Square is equipped with implements like multiple crop threshers, solar drying silos, seed processing machine, cold storage room and warehouse for seed and grain storage.

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Our Story

LCIC established gene bank with capacity of 30 MT. The gene bank is used to store germplasm to avoid deterioration. Our gene bank is named after a renowned maize Late Dr. Charles Thẻ.


The gene bank store seeds produced for marketing and distribution and also germplasm from other private and public institutions like WIENCO/RMG and SARI, are kept in the cold room for future use.

We have 15 acres drip irrigation farm located at konko, in the Eastern of Region. With this, seed production is done all year round.


Our drip irrigation farm is used to produce foundation seeds for institutions like SARI, Tamale and Wienco/RMG on contract.
Also students from West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement, University of Ghana, and University of Ibadan used this field for their research works. Our farms are equipped with drip irrigation and overhead irrigation systems