LEGACY 26 (Yellow Seed Maize)

LEGACY 26 is a locally bred, registered and tropically adapted yellow maize variety, performed well in all agro-ecological zones in Ghana. It has good attributes for both commercial and small-scale grain production.


Seeds from the formal system is able to plant 6% of area cropped in Ghana with the informal system supplying seeds for the remaining 94%. Current output of 213MT supplies 25% of farmers with replacement of seeds every 4 years.Soya is also produced by smallholder farmers under rained conditions. Under these subsistence methods, soya yields …

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Cowpea seeds from the formal system are only able to plant 1% of area cropped. The informal system supplies 99% of seeds research has showed.  Current output of 55MT supplies, and 5% of farmers replace seeds every 4 years.


Maize has most market present in Ghana in terms of seed production and marketing. However, about 3% of maize area planted in Ghana is hybrids from the formal system whilst 87% of seeds was supplied. LEGACY 8by the informal system mainly OPVs and farmer’s saved seeds. This is partly due to fact many local seed …

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